Out On The Lakeshore Community Campaign

The last two years have been an unexpected adventure in so many ways! The way we interact with others has changed dramatically and the need to distance has challenged us all.

It was just last year that the City of Holland passed one of the state’s most comprehensive Non-Discrimination Ordinances and while we can all agree that was a major victory, we also recognize that there’s still so much work to do. In September, Focus on the Family established a presence in Holland with their second Family Central store. This organization has a long history of opposing LGBTQ+ rights, along with promoting and supporting anti-LGBTQ+ practices, such as conversion therapy. The opening of the Family Central store in Holland only goes to show that our work is never done.

As the needs of this community evolve, we at OOTL have also made some changes in response. In January, OOTL welcomed PFLAG Holland/Lakeshore (Parents/Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and Gender SAFE (Supporting All For Equality) into our organizational structure. These groups have worked collaboratively for several years and we now have our Family & Friends (formerly PFLAG Holland/Lakeshore) and Gender SAFE program branches within OOTL, uniting under one roof to better serve. Together.

We also saw the most successful Holland PRIDE season yet. Several new events were created to celebrate PRIDE throughout the summer including our in-person Run with PRIDE 5K, our Drag Show at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts, and several new PRIDE Nights partnering with supportive businesses throughout West Michigan.

It is with all this growth in mind that we bring back the Community Campaign for its second year because we need your support as we grow.

The OOTL Community Campaign launched in the fall of 2020 in its inaugural year and we’re excited to bring this campaign back this year. Fundraising efforts have begun and will run until December 31, 2021. We’ve been fortunate to receive large grants in the past from the Holland Zeeland Community Foundation and the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Our LGBT Fund. Those along with other grants and gifts allowed us to have a strong beginning from which to build, and now we need your support too! With a lofty goal of $30,000 this year, we need your help in raising the funds needed. Please consider making a contribution yourself, and share this campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues.

New to the Community Campaign this year, is the option to select what program area you’d like to designate your donation for. You may choose Youth Programming, Adult Programming, Gender SAFE, Family & Friends, the Community Center, or you may choose to designate your donation for the highest need.

Through the presence of the OOTL Community Center and all of the programs and events that flow through it, we become the kind of community it takes to help LGBTQ+ people and families thrive. Your contributions make a difference. They always have. And they always will.

We need your support!

Please consider making a donation to help Out On The Lakeshore continue to serve the LGBTQ+ community in West Michigan.