October 2, 2021 1:00 pm

Centennial Park

250 Central Ave, Holland, MI 49423

(616) 928-2450

Out On The Lakeshore is proud to partner as the Fiscal Sponsor for the Women’s March for Reproductive Rights. Out On The Lakeshore stands in solidarity with all underserved groups, including women, recognizing the beautiful intersectionality that connects us all.
From the event organizers:
Join us at 1:00 pm in Centennial Park on Saturday, Oct. 2 to demand reproductive rights for all women, meet other allies in the community, and connect with resources to further advocate and take action.
We believe in Reproductive Freedom. We do not accept any federal, state or local rollbacks, cuts or restrictions on our ability to access quality reproductive healthcare services, birth control, HIV/AIDS care and prevention, or medically accurate sexuality education. This means open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education.


If you’d like to make a contribution to offset costs of the Women’s March, please use the “Donate” button below (other donation links on this website will not link your donation to the Women’s March). You may also send or drop off a check made out to “Out On The Lakeshore” to 451 Columbia Ave, Ste C, Holland, MI 49423. Please write “Women’s March” on the memo line. Any contributions above the needed costs to put on the event will be donated to a local Women’s resource.